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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code
Grosse Pointe Michigan Bankruptcy Lawyers
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Considering Bankruptcy?
What Do you Need to Start the Bankruptcy Process in Grosse Pointe?
In order to file for bankruptcy, you will have to gather all of your financial information in one place. You should figure out exactly how much debt you have, what assets you have, and any liabilities that you may have. Having all of this information is vital to the process and it can help you make an informed decision about what you should do. Without all of your important financial information, you can not start the process of filing for bankruptcy.It is very important that you accurately and honestly report all of your debts and assets.

Credit Counseling:  In order to file bankruptcy, you will also have to undergo credit counseling from a certified credit counselor. 
An experienced lawyer from our team can help you make rational decisions.
Imagine how you will feel when:

    Your phone STOPS ringing off the hook from nasty and harassing creditors
    You can STOP sleepless nights of worry and frustration
    You can be completely STRESS-FREE of your financial circumstance
    You can STOP lawsuits, repossessions, and wage garnishments
    You can focus on your health, instead of avoiding the hospital because you can’t afford to pay medical bills

Grosse Pointe Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyers
Grosse Pointe Consumer Credit Lawyers
Grosse Pointe Debt Collection Lawyers
Grosse Pointe Foreclosure Lawyers
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Get Fresh Start With Chapter 7 
Grosse Pointe, MI Bankruptcy Lawyers For Low Income People 
You will receive a free initial consultation with one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys. During your free initial consultation we will review your current assets, income, budget and your previous financial circumstances. Our bankruptcy lawyers will explain the bankruptcy process and answer any questions you may have about filing for bankruptcy.  If you decide to retain our law offices to file your bankruptcy case, then we will reach an agreement on attorneys fees. Once you have retained our law firm you will be able to refer your creditor calls to our law office. During your initial appointment we will also setup an affordable payment plan to pay your attorneys fees and costs. 
Chapter 7 Personal One on One Service - Call us now!

At our office, you will deal directly one of our lawyers from start to finish. We are available to answer your calls from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Est.  In a simple Chapter 7, we handle the following services:

    Free initial bankruptcy consultation
    Chapter 7 means test qualification
    Collection and review of case documents
    Preparation of your bankruptcy petition
    Fielding creditor phone calls and preventing creditor harassment
    Filing of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition
    Ceasing garnishment of wages
    Assistance in enrollment in pre-petition and post-petition credit counseling courses
    Representation at your § 341 meeting of the creditors
    Notification of discharge

Filing Bankruptcy in Michigan 

Bankruptcy courts require that legal and filing fees be paid before your Michigan Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is filed in court. You cannot pay for your bankruptcy case with your own credit card. However, we do accept credit cards from other people if they want to pay for your bankruptcy case. Friends and family members sometimes can help but they must give you the money for the fees - not simply loan you the money. Our main office is located in Detroit, but we have offices throughout Detroit metro area to serve you.
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